Understand what thermal imaging can and can’t do 😮

For 26 years, Bryan Duke’s family has been in the industry of thermal imaging. Their family-owned business MFE Rentals is based in Austin and has typically found customers interested in non-destructive testing of metals.

But recently, thermography has taken on a whole new level of importance, not even Duke saw coming.

“Never in a million years did I envision this would happen,” said Duke. “But this is one tool in the toolbox to get us back to work and do it as safe as we can.”

Screening for high body temperature has become a way of detecting if a person could possibly be suffering symptoms of coronavirus. And as reopening begins to take place, businesses, stadiums, and venues could turn to thermal imaging to screen large amounts of people. Six Flags recently announced they will use thermal imaging technology to screen guests at the front gate when their parks reopen.

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